The Weight (2012)

The Weight (2012) – Ex-Union soldier Confronts former Confederate

The Weight (2012) – Lew Temple, who plays Marshal Jack Doven, has appeared in feature films such as “The Devil’s Rejects” and “Lawless.” He found the Marcotte Brothers’ post for actors on L.A. Craigslist and auditioned via Skype with Trevor, who was living in Monterey, CA at the time. Ex-Union soldier James Evans is on his way to San Francisco to begin a new life after the war. While passing through a desert town, he is confronted by former Confederate Will Dunlap. As Will pushes for a confrontation, James hopes to leave the life of a soldier behind.

All cast auditions were conducted via Skype with writers/directors Trevor and Nick Marcotte. Nick lives in Austin, TX, and Trevor lived in Monterey, CA at the time. Auditions were conducted with actors and actresses based in Los Angeles. The original concept for “The Weight” was imagined by the Marcotte Brothers at a coffee shop in Austin, TX. Trevor Marcotte took a hiatus from school at the time to spend time with his brother in Austin. The writing process began during that period. Shot at White Horse Ranch, near Joshua Tree, in California.

Directed by Trevor Marcotte
Starring: Devin Metzger, Josh Harp, Henry Hermiz

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