2018 | Drama | Short Film

On a beautiful day at the beach, the 12 years old Parham Bullies his younger step-brother Alborz by throwing a dead bird at him.

Writer & Director Farzad Ostovarzdeh farzadostovarzadeh.wixsite.com/farzadostovarzadeh
Producer Bini Noble
Cinematographer Halyna Hutchins
Production Design Prerna Chawala
Editor Noelle Cruce

Starring: Daniel Zolghadri, Niousha Noor, Shari Nasimi, Bardia Seiri

AFI Fest 2016
Cameraimage 2016
Austin Film Festival 2016
LA Short Fest 2016
San Jose International Short Film Festival 2016
IFF Golden Anteaters 2016
Wolrd Film Fair NYC 2018
Short of the Week 2018

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