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The Wedding Planner (2001): A Charming Romantic Comedy Classic

Lopez and McConaughey's Chemistry Shines in this Heartwarming Tale of Romance, Destiny, and Finding True Love *The Wedding Planner*, the romantic comedy featuring **Jennifer Lopez** and **Matthew McConaughey**, is a delightful and heartwarming film that reminds us of the magic and unpredictability of love. With its charming storyline and stellar performances, *The Wedding Planner* is a celebration of second chances and the power [...]

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The Dog Thief (2019): A Profound Film that Explores the Depths of Desperation

Lucas McGowen's Masterful Direction Shines in this Emotionally Charged Tale of Loss, Redemption, and the Human Spirit *The Dog Thief*, a short film directed by **Lucas McGowen**, is a profound and poignant exploration of the human condition. With its powerful storytelling and evocative visuals, *The Dog Thief* delves into the depths of desperation, highlighting the resilience and capacity for redemption within us all.McGowen's ma [...]

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1984 (1956): A Haunting Adaptation of George Orwell's Dystopian Masterpiece

Michael Anderson's Thought-Provoking Film Shines a Harsh Light on the Perils of Totalitarianism *1984*, directed by **Michael Anderson**, is a haunting and thought-provoking adaptation of **George Orwell**'s seminal dystopian novel. Set in a totalitarian future where Big Brother's oppressive regime controls every aspect of people's lives, the film explores the themes of surveillance, government manipulation, and the erosion of pe [...]

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Bizarro World (2023): A Surreal and Hilarious Short Film Series

Bizarro World: A Surreal and Hilarious Short Film Series That Pushes the Limits of Absurdity *Bizarro World* is a surreal and hilarious short film series that pushes the limits of absurdity in a brilliantly witty and inventive way. Directed by **Jonathan Salmon** and **Abdi Ibrahim**, the series ties together several unrelated, quick, and quirky stories in a comedic and sometimes dramatic way. Each episode of *Bizarro World* of [...]

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Metropolis (1927): A Groundbreaking Sci-Fi Epic Ahead of Its Time

Fritz Lang's Visionary Masterpiece Explores the Dangers of Industrialization and the Power of Human Connection*Metropolis* is a groundbreaking sci-fi epic that was ahead of its time in both its scope and vision. Directed by **Fritz Lang**, the film is a stunning achievement in visual storytelling that explores the dangers of industrialization and the importance of human connection.Set in a futuristic city where the ruling class l [...]

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Outland (1981)

Brilliantly Combining Suspense, Action and Drama in a Futuristic Setting *Outland* is a captivating sci-fi thriller set in a mining colony on one of Jupiter's moons. The movie follows Federal Marshal William O'Neil (played by **Sean Connery**), who is sent to investigate a series of mysterious deaths that have been occurring on the colony. As he delves deeper into the investigation, O'Neil uncovers a dark conspiracy involving t [...]


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Watch NowPlastic Bag (2009)

Plastic Bag (2009) - the plastic bag with the voice of legendary filmmaker Werner Herzog drifts across the USA, to finally arrive at the ocean!Plastic Bag (2009) - In a not too distant future, a Plastic Bag (voice of Werner Herzog) goes on an epic journey in search of its lost Maker, wondering if there is any point to [...]

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Watch NowNight of the Living Dead (1968)

Historical Zombie Movie! Cult Classic of Genre Cinema by George A. Romero. Barbra and Johnny visit their father's grave in a remote cemetery when they are suddenly set upon by zombies. Barbra manages to get away and takes refuge in what seems to be an abandoned farm house. She is soon joined by Ben who stopped at the h [...]

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Watch NowThe Neighbors' Window (2019)

Oscar Winning Short Film! A beautiful movie. The message is: grass is greener on the other side, and you should appreciate what you have. So the theme is repetitive however the acting was good that you get to like and empathize with the characters in this film even though the story is hard to believe.

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Watch NowRage of a Ninja (1988)

Plot:There's plethora of reasons why to watch Rage of a Ninja, but you only need one - it was directed by Godfrey Ho! ;) The bizarre story centres around an evil ninja trying to get his hands on a manual that will somehow make him 'The Ultimate Ninja'. Steve, who comes home one night to find his wife having intimate re [...]

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Watch NowAbstract: The Art of Design - Christoph Niemann Illustration

A very educational and a very inspirational Netflix documentary! Episode 1 profiles Christoph Niemann, an illustrator and his work with abstraction and interactivity from various mediums such as the New Yorker to Instagram. A very good work from director Morgan Neville, about a very good "Visual Story Teller" Christop [...]

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Watch NowBlack Out 2022 (2017)

Prologue for "Blade Runner 2049"In 2022, an EMP detonation has caused a global blackout that has massive, destructive implications all over the world. Directed by Cowboy Bebop and Samurai Champloo's Shinichiro Watanabe, Blade Runner Black Out 2022 is a new and highly-anticipated animated short which serves as a prologu [...]

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Watch NowAppleton (2015)

A solid indie movie! In the rural farm town of Appleton, Wisconsin, a harsh winter has set in. A rogue figure named Mitchell has returned to the town he once terrorized. Maddy Ballister lost her father at the hands of Mitchell and now she's ready to find him and settle the score.Very competent cinematography, decent di [...]

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Watch NowTornado: The Last Blood (1983)

Better-than-average Pasta taste of the Vietnam WarDuring the Vietnam war, an army sergeant rebels against his tyrant commanding officer, whilst they are cut off by the enemy in the jungle. Things get worse for all of them after that.There are a number of memorable, stand-alone scenes throughout the picture. One, in whi [...]

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Star Wars: Neon Noir (2015) FANEDiT

Flips the standard story line on its head to give a radical new interpretation.Obi-Wan takes his protege, Anakin Skywalker, to a nightclub on some unspecified Jedi business – presumably involving Darth Maul, who we saw them battle in the pre-title seque [...]


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escape-from-north-korea-2020Escape from North Korea (2019)

Action movie with the Ninja facing off against genetically-enhanced super-soldiers, kung fu masters, monstrous beasts, and of course the Supreme Leader.In a distant 1980’s future, America’s Last Ninja must save the First Daughter of the United States from the Supreme Leader of Neo-North Korea. I [...]


edmund-the-magnificent-2017Edmund the Magnificent (2017)

Beautiful and charming comedy with adorable story and great endingWhen news breaks that the county pig fete's being revived, the once-legendary Farmer decides to make one final roll of the dice - and invest his life savings in a thoroughbred piglet with which to breed new life back into his now dila [...]


the-space-between-us-2017The Space Between Us (2017)

Watch this amazing **Award-Winning** sci-fi short film called "The Space Between Us" as we find the world choking on pollution, and needing oxygen masks to survive. However, the key to humanity's survival may be held by a captured sea-creature named "Adam"! For more information, please see the detai [...]


bruce-lee-fights-back-from-the-grave-1976Bruce Lee Fights Back From The Grave (1976)

A lightning bolt strikes the grave of Bruce Lee. However, that is as much as Bruce Lee has to do with it. When Han Ji-hyeok dies mysteriously in Las Vegas, his brother Han Wook rushes there to make inquiries. He learns that Ji-hyeok was the victim of an opium ring. Unable to get the police to help h [...]


closer-2013CLOSER (2013)

If you have a sense of humor, you may find this fun and enjoy the heavy dose of CGI! Something terrifying is happening to the Earth. Luke and Sarah, unaware of the danger, are just worried about having a passionate offhand camping weekend. Two unexpected guests will ruin their plans.This is a fun li [...]


alien-containment-2019Alien: Containment (2019)

Awesome movie with great the atmosphere and high tension! Four survivors find themselves stranded aboard a small escape pod in deep space. Trying to piece together the details around the outbreak that led to their ship's destruction, they find themselves unsure to trust whether or not one of them mi [...]



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