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Alien 40th anniversary short films

'Alien' 40th Anniversary Short Films Expand the Xenomorph Mythos!In honor of the 40th anniversary of ALIEN (1979), 20th Century Fox partnered with Tongal to release a series of fan-made short films commemorating the xenomorphic cult & classic movie. [...]


Science Fiction Origin - S01E06 Fire and IceAn unexpected find prompts a life or death dilemma, while reminders of home lead to a brutal revelation.A group of strangers s...
Science Fiction A colony on Moon is upended by a mysterious signal from a long-abandoned Earth! **21 min | Short, Sci-Fi | 2021 (USA)**In a future where the last humans ha...
Action Split Second with Rutger Hauer: A Monster Movie Masterpiece of Magnificent Proportions! "Split Second" is like a wild ride on a futuristic rollercoaster wi...
Thriller One night, a teenager girl, trapped in the low expectations of a small town, disappears without a trace. Years later, her friend returns to their childhood...
Action Amazing Sci-Fi Action movieIn a post-apocalyptic world, a young woman fights for survival as she recalls traumatic events from her childhood.I am continual...
Action THIS FILM IS NO LONGER AVAILABLE ONLINEIn a place out of time, in the furthermost reaches of the kingdom, a lone soldier rides to a mysterious meeting. His...

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Discover the story of the one place we all call home - Our Planet, a groundbreaking Netflix original documentary series!Venture into the deep, dark and desolate ocean...
UK's Scariest Debt Collector - Urban terrorism as a CareerUK's Scariest Debt Collector documentary tells a stroy of Shaun Smith. Ten years ago, he was an enforcer fo...
A cinematic tour de force, Wonderful Experimental Documentary!Godfrey Reggio's Koyaanisqatsi (1983) is a film with no actors, no storyline, and no dialogue. The only ...
World's Scariest Drug Review:World's Scariest Drug is another astonishing documentary by VICE's Ryan Duffy. This time he went to Colombia to check out a strange and p...
Sun Dog (2014) - two mountain souls sharing a day In the snow-capped Argentinian peaksIn the snow-capped Argentinian peaks, Refugio Frey is the only protection from t...
Fun look back at 20 years of Coachella! This is the latest documentary about the history (to date) of one of the earliest and most influential major music festivals i...


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Peanut Butter Candy Bar Popcorn

This popcorn is sure to get gobbled up on game day! Peanut butter, Snickers, and Milkways make this popcorn a winning treat!