Collective: Unconscious

2016 | Drama | Feature | More info on IMDb

Five independent filmmakers adapt their dreams!

What if you could let someone else experience your dreams? For example: A man and his grandmother hide out from an ominous broadcast. The Grim Reaper hosts a TV show. The formerly incarcerated recount and reinterpret their first days of freedom. A suburban mom has the beast growing inside of her. And a high school gym teacher runs drills from inside a volcano.

Film timeline:
00:04:31 Black Soil, Green Grass (Directed by Daniel Patrick Carbone // Dreamt by Lauren Wolkstein)
00:23:22 First Day Out (Directed by Josephine Decker // Dreamt by Lily Baldwin)
00:33:45 Beemus, It will End in Tears (Directed by Lauren Wolkstein // Dreamt by Frances Bodomo)
00:45:36 Everybody Dies! (Directed by Frances Bodomo // Dreamt by Josephine Decker)
00:55:41 Swallowed (Directed by Lily Baldwin // Dreamt by Daniel Patrick Carbone)

Whay is this Festival hit-film free to watch?
We premiered the movie to a sold out screenings at SXSW, where we became the first ever anthology film to play in Competition. From there, we took the film out on the festival circuit, racking up great reviews, free drinks and even the occasional distribution offer along the way. But all festival runs must end, and we’ve made the decision that it’s time to get the film out into the wider world. That’s why, on August 9, we released “collective:unconscious” on the internet. For Free. - Dan Schoenbrun, producer

"Like nothing you have ever seen with your eyes open!" - Rolling Stone

Festival Selections: SXSW, Maryland Film Festival, BAMcinemaFest, Cleveland International Film Festival, IFP Screen Forward, Atlanta Film Festival, Ashland Independent Film Festival, Dallas International Film Festival, Nashville Film Festival, Independent Film Festival Boston, Montclair Film Festival, Galway Film Fleadh

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