Transference: A Bipolar Love Story (2020)

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Beautiful indie flick that speaks loud and brave of disorderly relationship! Can love beat bipolarism? Sure it can, but it is a tough one!

A passionate relationship between Katarina, scandinavian nurse working in London, and another immigrant nurse who suffers from unresolved mental health concerns from their own hidden pasts.

I cherished "Transference." The characters and performances were excellent, being both subtle and passionate at the same time, in addition to the music being lovely and well suited for each scene of the movie. Because of the great slow burn, you become engrossed and curious about the two major characters. I was so engrossed by the conclusion that I just wanted to keep watching.

Director: Raffaello Degruttola Starring: Raffaello Degruttola,Emilie Sofie Johannesen, Lotte Verbeek


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