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Childhood Adventures stimulate creativity and imagination! Academy Awards, USA 2019 Nominee - Best Live Action Short Film

Young best buddies are spending the day hanging out and exploring the outskirts of town. They are engaged in an ongoing game of one-upmanship as they spontaneously compete over a string of mindless pranks to see who is the bravest or toughest.

Childhood, beauty, loss, death, time and nature. Really good short. The child performances are great, the cinematography is at times fabulous and I really loved its message. When the best things happen, playing with your friend in the green fields, something can happen and ruin your life. But even when that happens, no one will be there to really understand your pain and sorrow and time will move on and things will keep going while you feel guilty and sad. And nature will be destructive and beautiful at the same time. But, that is life. When you least expect it, nature has cunning ways of finding our weakest spots. Its a small, quiet, but poetic short

The acting is superb. The script is a masterpiece and the cinematography is breathtaking. All of the post production is done beautifully as well.

Directed by Jeremy Comte Starring Félix Grenier, Alexandre Perreault, Louise Bombardier.

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