The Forgotten Few

2016 | Drama | Short Film

Two ex-soldiers Tony and Chris who live on the streets during a cold winter, are shown an act of kindness like no other. It starts with the smallest of gestures from innocent teenager Bex. But with Chris battling his mental scars, Tony trying to take care of him and Bex's father disapproving of any involvement she has with them. How long can this friendship last? Lest We Forget, before those of the Forgotten Few.

Festival Awards & Selections
UK International Veterans Film Festival 2016 - Winner, Best female actor
Industry Boost competition - Finalist
Highway 61 Film Festival - Finalist
Los Angeles Cinefest - Semi-finalist
Miami Independent Film Festival - Official Selection
Direct Monthly online Film Festival - Official Selection
International Monthly Film Festival - Official Selection
Indiewise Free Virtual Festival - Official Selection

3 Takes Productions are continuing in 2017 the same way they finished in 2016, busy!!!

We are currently in post-productions with promotional boxing short film Fighting Wild, to be released in 2017 before we seek investment for it's feature Sasha Wild.

We have Filming slated in from January for new series Guardian.
Stragglers series 2 starts filming April.
We also have another short in the pipeline centred around soldiers suffering PTSD. (DTBC)
A crime feature film called Unlawful Temptations. (DTBC)
We are also working on E Safety films to help children use the internet safely.

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