Algorithm - Hackers Film

2014 | Drama | Feature

Hackers film Algorithm (2014) deals with a freelance computer hacker who discovers a mysterious government computer program. It's difficult choice for a hacker - running a secret government contractor's powerful software or the lives of his friends.

Definately a hacker film worth viewing

I actually took a leap of faith when I decided to watch this film even after noticing a very low IMDb rating. That was worth it. Gone are the days of creating conventional out-of-the-world and unrealistic thriller movies. That is the job of a director and writer: you don't take your audience to some fantasy world in order to give them superficial, meaningless entertainment only. A good writer brings his audience closer to reality while engaging and educating them at the same time. Dialogues in the film, especially the thoughts of Will narrated during the film, were....... sublime. Another factor is: ending a film which is always the trickiest part. THAT is where the director (who is also the writer) proved himself brilliant. - Asqureshi

Free and enjoyable experience

Very low IMDB rating would suggest that this hacker film is not worth of your time. For a hacker film with its overriding theme of "the NSA is watching everything", some of the technology in play should have been focused on more, but overall it is definately worth your time so at least give it a chance. It's smart, well shot and best of all is free to stream on youtube. For those who are into film trivia, there is a reference to classic hacker film War Games (1983) at 1:15:22. The screen to the left shows the menu with the games WOPR offers to play in the hacker film War Games. There is also a nod to 'Ink', a popular low-budget indie film. If you'd like to support the effort, get the Blu-ray for $9.99 in the U.S. with free shipping!

Cast and Crew

Director: Jon Schiefer
Writer: Jon Schiefer
Stars: Raphael Barker, Keith Barletta, Julie Ceballos

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