Marry Me (2008)

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Marry Me is the story of a little girl who likes a little boy, and a little boy who likes his bike. "Marry Me" is a short film based on the experiences of the filmaker, Michelle Lehman, while growing up, a very sweet film about childhood. The teaser caption for the film describes it as a story about "a little girl who likes a little boy who likes his BMX bike". The premise reinforces gender stereotypes, but a solid "kick of girl power" at the end solidifies the contemporary feel. Even so, it is the purity, and irony of the premise - the girl chases the disinterested boy - that brings a smile to one's face, especially that in 10 years those roles will be switched and he'll be kicking himself.

Marry Me (2008) Review:

"Marry Me" was the winner of Tropfest Film Festival 2008. Michelle Lehman (NSW) was awarded first prize at Sony Tropfest 2008 by a panel of celebrity judges for this short, and film has millions of views.

Cast and Crew:

Directed by Michelle Lehman
Starring Jahla Bryant, Ryan Fitzpatrick, Andrew Cracker


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