Irresistible (2006)

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Brave drama film explores the darkness that exists in families because of secrets!

A mom and wife and professional artist begins to imagine things. She hears voices after her mother dies. Doors open and close of their own accord. Family photos disappear. An elderly neighbor swears someone dressed like Sarandon has been going in and out of her house! Changing the locks doesn't appear to help, and hubby Sam Neill is less than sympathetic.

Susan Sarandon is at her very best in a stunning and captivating performance. It is without a doubt, her most accomplished role since Dead Man Walking, and certainly at least equal to her award winning role in Thelma and Louise. Sam Neill and Emily Blunt both deliver extraordinary, mesmerising performances. Neill captures the sympathetic, but increasingly frustrated husband, whose motives you are never quite sure about, as he appears supportive and loving, but can he be trusted? Emily Blunt keeps you guessing and manipulates the audience with her superb performance.

Written and Directed by: Ann Turner
Starring Susan Sarandon, Sam Neill, Emily Blunt


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