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PAYLOAD (2012)

Ridley Scotts “ALIEN” remade

In 2012 we produced this shortfilm for the International Shortfilm Festival Hamburg. The task was to do a 3-minute remake of another film. We decided to stick to the scariest, darkest and – in my opinion – best sci-fi-movie ever made: “ALIEN” by Ridley Scott. And so we remade the last scene of the film, in which Ripley seems to be safe from the xenomorph, but suddenly finds herself face to face with the ALIEN.

This is the long version of the non-commercial fan-project. We all love the film by Scott and although I watched it about twenty times, I am still scared sitless, when I see it again.

Thanks for this great movie, Mister Scott. I wish you would have stopped after the first one, because “Prometheus” and “Alien Covenant” were truly awful.

The film was shot in 3 days with a Canon 5D.
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