Jet (2013)

Great short thriller film

Fine thriller in which a man, who plans to use a handgun on himself, sees a girl being snatched from the curbside. He decides he must take action and has the gun if he needs to use it. Caught up in the middle of a disturbing crime, will he be able to save the little girl’s life, and his own, or will his decisions destroy them both?

Instead of writing a screenplay for his first narrative short film “Jet”, director ‘Jordan Chesney’ decided to shoot the entire film in one day, with no more than $200 in order to audition parts, develop the story, scout locations, etc. Essentially he made the same film twice: once as a run-through, which is called “Jet (The Screenplay)”, and then again months later with a $10,000 budget, which is simply called “Jet”.

Joint winner of the 5th FILMSshort competition, Jet was made by filmmaker Jordan Chesney.

Directed by: Jordan Chesney
Stars: Mark Scarboro, Rachel St. Gelais, Tom Scott