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Edith+Eddie (2017)

A Heartrending Glimpse into Love’s Resilience

In “Edith+Eddie” (2017), director Laura Checkoway embarks on an emotionally charged exploration of an elderly couple, Edith Hill and Eddie Harrison, whose tender love story becomes entangled in a legal battle and the complexities of family dynamics. The documentary unveils a poignant narrative that delves deep into the complexities of aging, love, and the societal challenges faced by seniors. With a compassionate lens, Checkoway crafts a compelling narrative that is as heartrending as it is illuminating.

A Tale of Unwavering Love and Unforeseen Obstacles

The documentary deftly captures the tender moments between Edith and Eddie, painting a vivid portrait of their enduring affection for each other. The vulnerability of their love is juxtaposed against the harsh realities of aging, as the couple faces legal battles and familial discord. Checkoway’s direction and editing lend a poignant intimacy to the narrative, allowing viewers to intimately connect with Edith and Eddie’s journey. “Edith+Eddie” serves as a powerful testament to the resilience of love, even in the face of adversity, offering a sobering reflection on the challenges that seniors often face in a society that should provide them care and support. This Academy Award-nominated documentary is a stirring testament to the enduring power of love and the need for compassion and understanding in our communities.

Directed, produced and edited by Laura Checkoway
Produced by Thomas Lee Wright
Co-producers Karina Rotenstein and P. Corwin Lamm
Executive Producers: Steve James, Gordon Quinn, Betsy Steinberg, and Cher
A production of Kartemquin Films and Heart is Red


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