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Cockpit (2012)

The Award winning sci-fi short finally comes to youtube.

I made this movie for three thousand dollars working on it after hours at my day job at “Jimmy Kimmel Live”, with the dream that it would get discovered and lead to the production of my feature screenplay, “Cockpit.”
The short has been a finalist in over 30 film festivals, and has won 14 awards. It has even played at Comic-con. The feature screenplay has won 4 awards. We may be on the right track.
“COCKPIT” is the story of a squadron of space fighter pilots, stranded in their cockpits deep in enemy space, struggling with reality and delusion as they are hunted by mind controlling aliens.
“COCKPIT: THE RULE OF ENGAGEMENT” is a standalone chapter from the same universe which follows the Carrier Captain (Ronny Cox) who must decide if it is worth risking the security of Earth to save a suffocating pilot who may or may not have been corrupted by the mind controlling aliens.
Feel free to visit the cockpitthemovie website to learn more.

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