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The Last Of Us: All Gone (2022)

The story for All Gone takes place during the events of The Last of Us, and centers on Nathan and his young Métis brother Sam, who have to survive a France that’s been overrun with the Cordyceps brain infection.

We follow Nathan (Edward Ez) and Sat (Amdi Kane) trying to survive in post-apocalyptic world with infected and even a terrifying clicker. Based on the franchise of games by Naughty Dog with beautiful atmospheric music inspired by Gustavo Santaolalla.


It is a great year for The Last of Us franchise as a real series is produced by HBO early next yearwhile the franchise’s first game got a remake!

More info: Director’s Homepage

Written and Directed by: Alexandre Delol
Starring: Lola Andreoni, Joris Augustin, Paul Bichet

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