Candle In The Tomb: The Wrath Of Time (2019)

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Candle In The Tomb is more intense and chilling than its series!

A group of tomb raiders team up together to explore an ancient tomb of Yuan dynasty which is located in the Ping Shan mountain in West Hunan province.

Given the success of the Candle In The Tomb web series back in 2016, it was no surprise that the producers would make a sequel for it. The first drama adaptation of the Tianxia Bachang novel which starred Jin Dong and Joe Chen was such a hit among viewers that the producers made a second series in 2017. Candle in the Tomb: The Weasel Grave which starred Ethan Juan and Xu Lu drew somewhat mixed reviews from viewers. Fast forward to 2019 and the producers have adapted another book to continue the web series. The timeline between the adaptations jump around a bit with Jin Dong playing a more mature Hu Bayi in season one and Ethan Juan as Hu Bayi in his younger days in season two. The third installment of the popular series no longer has Hu Bayi and Shirley Yang but follows the generation before them. Set during the Warlord Era in the history of the Republic of China, the story follows Chen Yulou (Pan Yueming) as he goes on an expedition deep into the secret tombs. His adventure brings him face to face with Zhe Gushao (Vengo Gao) who seeks to lift the curse that has been inflicted upon his tribesmen.


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