Devil Hunters

1989 | Action | Feature | Martial arts

Retro 80s girls with guns action film with Moon Lee and Sibelle Hu made in Hong Kong!

A veteran mobster finds that not only are the police after him, but so are members of his own gang, led by a young gangster who wants to take over.

The story of an aging gangster boss who is chased by the police and his own men, too - since his young rival Shing wants to become the new leader of the gang. The first half hour of the film starts rather promising, since a mysterious young woman tries to confuse the opponents and seemingly (!) is on nobody else's side in the chase.

While performing the final stunt in Devil Hunters, Moon Lee and Sibelle Hu sustained a third degree burn. Both were supposed to jump off a window from a second story building to evade an explosion. Due to bad timing by the pyrotechnicians, they were engulfed in flames before they jumped down, resulting in severe burns. The epilogue of the film includes details about the accident, along with a message of gratitude from the director.

Directed by Chun-Ku Lu
Stars: Alex Man, Moon Lee, Siu-Ming Lau

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