The Final Blade (2018)

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This is just an awesome movie, no wonder 10 international awards haven been won!

The Chicken cup is a treasure that passed by the Emperor of Ming, Jin guards are the imperial guards of Ming Dynasty who got the mission to protect the Chicken Cup. And after hundreds of Years, the Chicken Cup still exist also the only survived Jin guard He Xingyun. The treasure hunters willing to kill him and get the Chicken Cup, He Xingyun then passes on his mission to the young boy Li Moxun, the battle went on again.

I can't imagine and totally beyond comprehension, this messy film with a totally messed up Chinese history, absolutely ridiculous random jump-around mixed eras with extremely mixed costumes and settings.... and so on would have won some awards of some film festivals. All I can guess is these festivals, their judges and their attending audiences were just assembled by a bunch of brain-dead people who didn't know what was what, what should be sum up: What's going on? They didn't even question themselves when they sat in front of the big screen to watch it: WTF!? Because this is exactly what I concluded after I've only watched about 4 minutes. This movie is like the American Chinese food, Chop-Suey, mixed all the leftovers of yesterday, the days before yesterday, maybe even over a week's foods in the refrigerator, threw them altogether into the wok, thus created a so-called messy Chinese dish: Chop means "randomly mixed", Suey means "leftover tidbits"; this God-awful movie is exactly what I'm trying to tell you, A randomly mixed leftover tidbits. I'm even more surprised that only one reviewer has warned that this movie was complete garbage. Maybe he and me have both watched a different movie? But I doubt it.

Director: Willie Ying Starring: Haibo Chang, Wilson Ke, Queenie Pei


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