The Chase

2012 | Action | Animation | Short Film | More info on IMDb

The Chase (2012) - Four nasty ladies lead police on high speed pursuit

A crazy, irresistible, intense, spectacular car chase between police and four unlikely accomplices that weave in and out of traffic with the entire police squad and a few choppers on their tail. Crazy chicks + crazy car chase = loads of fun.

This short film is very well animated and is essentially little more than excessive car chase action as if we were watching a video game. When it cuts to the women in particular the animation is not quite as good and the voice work is a bit too obvious but it does work. The wider shots are really well animated and seem very close to reality apart from how excessive they are. The destruction and the carefree way it is caused is actually quite fun to watch and I enjoyed it because of how slick and hollow it was – not in spite of it. The conclusion is a nice little punch-line which fits the fleeting and fun nature of the short. Not a great film nor one that will stick in the mind but a fun experience that does well to capture the appeal and aesthetics of video gaming (appropriately the film is directed by Philippe Gamer).

Philippe Gamer produced and directed this film that looks like a cinematic sequence from a high-end console game. Made in Paris-based VFX and game animation studio Space Patrol. Animago AWARD prize winner.

Directed by: Philippe Gamer

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