Your Lucky Day

2010 | Action | Comedy | Thriller | Short Film | More info on IMDb


On the night of a lottery draw, the lives of a group of people inside a small convenience store will change in a split second. When one customer wins the $156 million lottery drawing, the dynamics of the store change and the greed takes hold.

Short Film Your Lucky Day (2010) Review:

This is a fantastic short with the great story and strong acting. Pay attention to unique editing with the flashback/forward sequences.

Daniel Brown is a Seatle-based filmmaker who created the opening title sequence of the television series House MD at DK, did a series of bumpers for the Sundance Film Festival, and has directed commercials for Nike and Microsoft. Your Lucky Day (2010) won several awards including Winner Best Film – 1 Reel Film Festival and Winner Best Short – Big Island Film Festival

Cast and Crew:

Directed by Dan Brown
Starring Rider Strong, Philip Davidson, Tony Doupe, Michael Lewis Hudson.

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