Iron Angels III

1989 | Action | Feature | Martial arts

Perfect example of what a Girls-with-guns movie should be like!

A gang of crime-fighting martial-arts beauties battle a terrorist organization based in Thailand led by a religious fanatic.

This rare title is very difficult to get hold off. I saw this almost 18 years ago on tape. "Iron Angels 3" belongs to the "Girls with Guns" genre. Typical HK action flicks in which women kick ass big time! Wonderful shootouts and excellent martial arts. Pay special attention to the scene in the train that obvious is a tribute to the famous fight scene in "From Russia with Love". But personally I liked this better because you have the pretty Moon Lee fighting this other beautiful(killer) woman. As with most of the movies in this genre the plot is simple and not very important. It is all about the action and which you get plenty off. "Iron Angels 3" is without a doubt one of the best titles that this genre has to offer! That's why it is very strange that they did not mass produced this on DVD. Warning: Do not confuse this movie with "Charlie's Angels". "Iron Angels 3" also consists of humor but the action scenes are definitely hardcore.

Directors: Stanley Tong, Teresa Woo
Stars: Alex Fong, Moon Lee, Ralph Chen

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