Terminator: The Dark Years (2020)

Terminator: The Dark Years (2020) Terminator: The Dark Years (2020)

Fan-edit telling the complete story of Kyle Reese leading up to Terminator 1!

Terminator: The Dark Years was made using re-composited footage from the entire franchise including films, tv shows, games, and even theme-park attractions, this is an all-new story featuring Christian Bale, Linda Hamilton, Anton Yelchin, Michael Biehn, Edward Furlong, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Nick Stahl, Summer Glau, Brian Austin Green, Robert Patrick, and many more surprises for the hardcore fans.

In this story, John and the resistance will have to defeat the T-800, T-1000, T-X, T-3000, Harvesters, Rev-9, and several others.

I’ve added blood to several scenes to return the series to its horror roots, and give the film a bleak tone. The intention of this project is to create something nostalgic, yet new. I hope to appeal to every Terminator fan.

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