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Nam Angels (1987): it’s a chopper ride to hell and back

Grindhouse Glitz with a Fistful of Machetes

Nam Angels ain’t your momma’s war movie. This ain’t Saving Private Ryan. This is pure, uncut grindhouse gold. Director Cirio Santiago cranks the action to eleven and doesn’t let up. We’re talking explosions, shootouts, and enough machete fights to make Machete blush.

Brad Johnson cuts a mean swathe

Brad Johnson leads the charge as Captain Iron Eagle Jackson. Nickname on point? Absolutely. Eagle’s a Vietnam vet, haunted by his past and as tough as a two-dollar steak. When a chopper full of nurses is kidnapped by a rogue Vietnamese unit, Eagle knows what he has to do. It’s a one-man army against a crazy Colonel and his band of gun-ho soldiers.

Body Count? So High It Needs Its Own Zip Code

Don’t expect Shakespeare here. The dialogue is pure B-movie brilliance. Think one-liners dripping with venom and trash talk sharper than a diamond. But hey, that’s exactly what you came for, right?

Nam Angels poster
Nam Angels poster

Explosions? You Bet Your Sweet Bippy

The action? It’s relentless. Bullets fly, grenades explode, and bodies hit the floor like yesterday’s news. There’s a bar fight so brutal it’d make John Wick wince. And let’s not forget the helicopter showdowns. Buckle up, because things are about to get hot.

Not for the Faint of Heart

Nam Angels ain’t afraid to get down and dirty. The violence is bloody, brutal and sometimes balletic in its absurdity. Think limbs flying, squibs popping, and ketchup flowing freely. It’s a full-on gorefest, so if that ain’t your thing, maybe skip this one.

Verdict? Pure, Unfiltered Fun

Look, Nam Angels ain’t gonna win any Oscars. But who cares? This is a movie that celebrates the outrageous, the excessive, the downright crazy. It’s a party on screen, an explosion of action and B-movie goodness. So if you’re looking for a wild ride, filled with explosions, machetes, and enough testosterone to fuel a small army, then Nam Angels is your cinematic napalm cocktail. Just grab a beer, some popcorn, and some friends, because this one’s gonna be a blast.

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