Market Hours (2014)

Lexus Short Films series

Randall spends his days imagining the vibrant inner lives of various vendors at the multicultural urban market where he works; none more so than Angela, an angel with her own pastry shop. But Randall’s inattention to his work has led to a string of thefts and soon threatens to cost him his job. A chance encounter with a beautiful starlet and her lapdog provides Randall not only an opportunity to break the ice with Angela, but a chance to prove his worth to everyone at the market – including himself.

Lexus and The Weinstein Company have once again come together in the spirit of innovation to produce two new short films for their second annual “Life is Amazing” Lexus Short Films series. Two rising filmmakers (Jon Goldman, Satsuki Okawa with script writer Ken Ochiai) have been mentored through the creative process of interpreting “Life is Amazing,” by acclaimed filmmakers soon to be announced. Harvey Weinstein and Lexus identified the two up-and-coming storytellers for this once-in-a lifetime experience. We launched the Lexus Short Films Series in 2013 with incredible, young filmmakers watching them develop their stories, skill and talent culminating into a special screening during the Cannes Film Festival. We’re honored to be working with Lexus again for a second year to find the next great, innovative storytellers to bring their own fresh take to the short film format.

Jon Goldman is a graduate of Stanford University with a B.A. in English Literature and Creative Writing. His short film “Diplomacy,” a wry take on the power of interpreters in top-level negotiations between the United States and Iran, played over two dozen film festivals worldwide including Abu Dhabi, South by Southwest and Tokyo Short Shorts, winning jury and audience awards in Paris, Aspen, New York, Switzerland and Mexico. He acts not only as director but also as script writer in Europe and America. “Life is amazing. But ya, that’s pretty broad. I felt like I had creative license to really tell any kind of story that’s not dark, that wouldn’t quite be amazing, but I felt like I had freedoms to do anything that had kind of a magical or uplifting quality, so I gravitate in the short film form towards a love story, I felt like that kind of worked well in the 10-15 minute space. And ya, I was inspired by the location, I wanted to tell a story in that grand central market” – Jon Goldman

Directed by Jon Goldman.

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