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Kung Fury (2015)


Kung Fury is the toughest martial artist cop in Miami. He goes back in time to kill kung fuhrer Hitler.
A 2015 Swedish martial arts comedy short film written, directed by, and starring David Sandberg. It pays homage to 1980s martial arts and police action films. The film was crowdfunded through Kickstarter reaching US$630,019. The original target goal of $200,000, but falling short of the feature film goal of $1 million. It was selected to screen in the Directors’ Fortnight section at the 2015 Cannes Film Festival, losing to Rate Me from the UK.

Cast and crew:

Directed by: David Sandberg
Produced by: Linus Andersson, Eleni Young Antonia
Written by: David Sandberg
Starring: David Sandberg, Jorma Taccone, Leopold Nilsson, Eleni Young, Helene Ahlson, Andreas Cahling, Per-Henrik Arvidius
Steven Chew, Magnus Betnér, Björn Gustafsson, David Hasselhoff

Music by: Mitch Murder, Lost Years

Cinematography: Jonas Ernhill, Martin Gäardemalm, Matias Andersson

Edited by: Nils Moström

Production company: Laser Unicorns, Lampray

Release dates: May 22, 2015 (Cannes), May 28, 2015 (El Rey Network)

Running time: 31 minutes
Country: Sweden
Language: English
Budget: US $630,019

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