KNIGHTMARE: Killing Joker (2019)

Batman Fan film is a great continuation of the Knightmare world!

Arkham Asylum is new home of the Joker. This time he is there voluntarily! His move is to train young Johnny Chill to bis mastermind in gaining respect of the Gotham’s underground.

>A satisfyingly dark take on the Batman franchise with some surprising moments and a particularly ghoulish looking Joker. The cinematography, acting and visual FX are all very well done. This iteration of the Joker is a little more evil and a little less playful than previous movie versions and it makes for a very tense experience.

The acting the camera work the small story but yet just has you really glued like this is something new but old at the same time!

I love that this guy was kinda of doing a bit of a Nicholson impression. You see so many Ledger’s or Leto’s in fan films, it’s nice to see Jack getting some love.

produced by Palm Drive
Directed by Jordon Foss
Starring Scott Bendure, Tyler Burke, Carina Conti, Amber Edgar.

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