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Frank and Us (2018)

Post-apocalyptic short film!

Frank is a natural survivor living in an abandoned post apocalyptic town with his only friend. His daily survival routine is suddenly jeopardized when a note threatening “food or death” appears in the middle of his camp.

A recluse living in a post-apocalyptic town is threatened by the sudden arrival of another human. Friend, foe, or an internal apparition fuckin with Frank‘s mind? He’s destined to find out.

>The bad news is…it was way to short! What an awesome film. I’m hoping there will be much more to come. I will keep re watching until there is more! Loved it!

AWARDS 2018 – 2019

– IFS Film Fest
– Hollywood Shorts
– The Accolade Global Film Competition
– Los Angeles Movie Awards
– Independent Film and TV
– California Internal Shorts Fest
– Film-Com

Written and Directed by: Isaiah Wesley Taylor
Starring: Aaron Toft, Brittney Grabill, Sergio Guerra

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