“Cutting Class” (1989) – Where Detention Takes a Deadly Turn and Brad Pitt Steals the Show!

Get ready to ditch your textbooks and grab your popcorn, because “Cutting Class” is in session – and it’s more twisted than a pretzel in detention! Directed by Rospo Pallenberg, this cult classic slasher flick takes high school hijinks to a whole new level of horror.

Starring Donovan Leitch Jr. as the brooding bad boy, Jill Schoelen as the girl next door, and a baby-faced Brad Pitt as the charming jock, this film is a who’s who of ’80s heartthrobs – with a side of blood, of course. But it’s Roddy McDowall who steals the show as the eccentric principal with a penchant for punishment.

As the bodies pile up faster than overdue homework assignments, “Cutting Class” keeps you guessing until the final bell rings. With enough red herrings to fill a fish market and more plot twists than a geometry lesson gone wrong, this film will have you on the edge of your seat (or desk) until the credits roll.

So, if you’re in the mood for a slasher film that’s equal parts cheesy and chilling, “Cutting Class” is the perfect pick. Just be sure to stay after school for the surprise ending – because in this high school horror show, the final exam is to die for!

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