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Crow (2022)

A fan film dedicated to the cult comics series “The Crow” by James O’Barr!

One Halloween night, a Detroit man wades through a brutal odyssey of his memories and dreams, searching for the men who left him to die in the trunk of a car. This is amazing non-profit fan film inspired by “The Crow” movies and graphic novels mythology featuring brand new characters and an original story.

>I was literally on the edge of my seat the entirety of the film. This was so good! Amazing from start to finish! The entire crew is full of talented individuals. I love the creativity that was put into this film. As a Michigan native I loved seeing all the local areas in the film.

>Great job to all involved with this film. I’ve been a huge fan of anything crow related since I was around about being an early teen and now I’m my 40s. Thank you Justin Mane and everyone involved! Crow lives on!

Writtend and Directed by: Matt Szakal

Starring: Justin Mane, Callie Bussell, Robert Laenen

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