Controller (2013)

Controller (2013) – A girl takes control of her boyfriend

“They say when I leave, the world will turn upside down.” Whoa. A girl that can control everything, perpetrates her own rescue by taking control of her boyfriend! Here’s another must watch new science fiction-esque short film from writer/director Saman Kesh called Controller, the perfect film to kick off your week. This kind of has an Akira meets Tron (maybe) vibe to it, with a huge office fight scene in the middle of a sweet love story. I thought this was an amazing short when I first watched it, I love the music and all the action kicks ass, plus it has an intriguing concept with an adorable love story.

Saman Kesh is a filmmaker that murders robots, abuses musicians, bribes judges for awards, tricks celebrities into becoming involved with his absurd goals, and creates worlds that he wishes he could live in. It’s safe to say: Saman’s going to be a fine leader of the new world.

Directed by Saman Kesh.
With Kent Chu, Susan Hsu, Luka Lu.

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