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Birth of a Monster – A Star Wars Story (2019)

A Star Wars origin story for a one shot character that works on every level!

“Birth of a Monster” is a story of discovery and friendship surrounding a mysterious young boy and his loyal droid on the desert planet, Tatooine. What they discover will shape future generations in their galaxy. This story features new and original character from the Star Wars universe created by George Lucas (and the property of Lucasfilm LTD, LLC and Walt Disney Studio). It is a non-profit fan film production from Escape Velocity Content, LLC.

Really well done and provides a good example of how rich the established universe is with story potential. Well executed in all ways.
It’s shot amazing ! I didn’t know where this was going but turned out to be fantastic ! It feels like a new hope ! Magical!

Directed by: Timothy Martin
Starring: Zander Martin, Daniel Bohman, Linda Michaels

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