Bad to the Jones (2011)

During a zombie outbreak in the MidWest, zombie slayers Craig and Tyrone Jones desperately search for their missing sister only to be harassed by the thousands of blood hungry zombies. Their mission slowly turns comedic when the 2 brothers argue about who is the better slayer of the 2. The journey lands them 4 outsiders who are asked to join the team in a desperate mission to save a life. To some it is “freaking hillarious”, “production, camera, acting, sfx, sound all A++++++” but to the others it was “so many kinds of stupid, and the effects suck to high hell”, ” the dialogue could be tightened up”, “the actors’ grooming seemed far too perfect to be believable”. Anyways, you can watch all 8 episodes and judge for yourself!

Directed by Marlon Ladd.
Starring: Marlon Ladd, Chris Paul, Cara Black

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