Argoman the Fantastic Superman (1967)

A CAMP classic of maximum proportions

Plot: Argoman is practically invincible with powers beyond the scope of mortal man. Who is Sir Reginald Hoover, he seems to know what mission Argoman is involved with? Will Jenabell become the Queen of the World and achieve her wishes to outsmart Argoman?

This movie is a philosophy of life: “live and take what you really want”. A CAMP classic of maximum proportions, which ruled the world in the late sixties, conquering all the known B-movies markets. Sir REGINALD HOOVER/ARGOMAN is the greatest, coolest and meanest super-hero/anti-hero ever been. Period. I’m actually proud to be Italian, and I’m wondering WHEN and HOW and WHERE Argoman the fantastic superman will strike again. Thanks, Sergio Grieco! Bottom line: ROGER BROWNE kicks ass!Gulag-2

Directed by: Sergio Grieco
Starring Roger Browne, Dominique Boschero, Eduardo Fajardo
Country: Italy
Runtime: 93 min
Sound Mix: Mono
Color: Color (Technicolor)
Aspect Ratio: 2.35:1

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