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Catching The Black Widow (2017)

Thriller based on True Events

The brave story of a tenacious New Zealander who will stop at nothing to bring justice to her brother’s murder.

If it wasn’t a true story, I wouldn’t rate it so highly, but since this is a relatively new case that has been making headlines in New Zealand for a while, I was interested in the details. Apparently based on Lee-Anne Cartier’s book, it shows from her perspective the price she paid for her relentless search for evidence to bring the case against Helen Milner. Helen Milner was eventually convicted, but the police really seemed to be dragging their feet. I’m not sure if that’s entirely true, but that’s how Lee-Anne feels, and it’s easy to empathize with her as she fights for justice for her deceased brother. One aspect that sounded real to me was the portrayal of Helen Milner as a vicious narcissist who constantly lied and gaslighted Lee Anne. It’s both real and disturbing.

Written and Directed by: Thomas Robins
Starring: Katherine McRae, Phillip Spencer-Harris, Aidee Walker

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