Kept (2017)

Thriller | Science Fiction | Short Film |

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Amazing film that explores dreams as consumable products

Scientists have discovered a way to record dreams, and those with ulterior motives waste no time exploiting those whose dreams are the most powerful.

"Kept" is a remarkably tense watch, especially considering that it's essentially an interrogation scene, a scene of chess where only one person really knows the game being played. Instead of leaning on big action, the drama and surprise lies in the unveiling of motives and revelation of agendas -- and the tragedy is how there is always human collateral, no matter what era or age we find ourselves in.

It could be a western, a thriller or a good Sci-Fi. It is only a well crafted short film about dreams as piece of market. A product like many other. A girl. And a sort of trade. The end Tarantino-alike and subtle message about need of new sensations, purity of child, exploitation of the other and people as object. And, sure, the exploration of the fascination about dreams as stories and secrets and expression of emotions. Short, a gem.

Written and Directed by: Jaime D. González
Stars: Jairo Camargo, Manuel Sarmiento


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