Infidelity In Suburbia (2017)

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Sexy suburban wife regrets an affair with a handsome contractor when he reveals his dark side!

With her husband away at work, and her son at school, Laura dreams of a home-renovation project to supplant her restless days. Elliott, her irresistibly hot private contractor, soon fulfills her more forbidden dreams.

The film genre is listed as a Thriller much like the (1987) Fatal Attraction was which includes a love triangle that goes terribly wrong where the innocent and unsuspecting spouse is threatened by the unscrupulous scorned third party lover. Sound familiar? Well "Infidelity In Suburbia" is the end result of one person watching the original (1987) Fatal Attraction, and passing the film content by word of mouth from a first person 1 through person 1,000 and what you have left of a half decent film is this diluted piece of junk.

I've had the feeling that if, instead of portraying the "other man" as crazy and evil, they had kept it a story about a couple tempted to the sexual underground

Directed by David Winning
Written by Christie Will Wolf
Starring Sarah Butler, Marcus Rosner, Peter Benson


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