The Surface (2015) - Amazing Science Fiction Thriller

To save the life of her dying son, Liz must venture to the desolate surface and face the monsters that drove mankind below.

Willem Kampenhout is a film director and producer. As a passionate storyteller, he seeks to imbue the story into every aspect of the film, and is comfortable in the most uncomfortable situations. He is continually finding new and unique ways to tell stories.

My short film The Surface was released on YouTube. Many questioned my sanity in this plan, as it was not even on my channel. Why I did this? Because this film was made to be seen. I chose to partner with the CG Bros Channel, who have built an awesome channel audience of 1,000,000+ subscribers. It wasn't made to earn money, but to show the world the talents of all the wonderful cast/crew who dedicated thousands of hours on this project. Seeing the response thus far has been inspiring, for nothing motivates me more than knowing that the stories we tell actually move the audience who watches it to tears. If you have 20 minutes and good audio, go watch this little film and let me know what you think - Willem Kampenhout

The Surface (2015) Cast and Crew:

Written and directed by: Willem Kampenhout
Stars: Liz Christensen, David Webb and Aiden Beagley

Best Director: Short Film - Other Worlds Austin Film Festival
Best Student Short Film Director - Stargate Galactic International FF
Best Science Fiction - Silver Award - International New York Film Festival
Best Short Sci-Fi Suspense Film - Stargate Galactic International FF
Best Student Short Film Screenplay - Stargate Galactic International FF
Best Picture for Under $25,000 - Underfunded Film Festival
Best Student Film - Underfunded Film Festival
Best Student Film - Juried - Intendence Film Festival
Best Student Film - Miami International Sci-Fi Film Festival
Best Narrative - Final Cut Film Festival
Audience Choice - Final Cut Film Festival
Third Place - LDS Film Festival
Platinum Award - WorldFest Houston International Film Festival
Best Acting in a Student Film - Stargate Galactic International FF
Best Lead Actress in a Short/Series - Utah Film Awards
Best Student Short Cinematography - Stargate Galactic International FF
Best Cinematography - Underfunded Film Festival
Best Sound - Short/Series - Utah Film Awards

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