Slave to the Page (2021)

Fan abducts a novelist to discover the plot of a new book!

This amazing thriller revolves around Dev, an obsessed fan who, after a grueling five-year wait, kidnaps his favorite author, Arthur Williams, who is attempting to overcome writer’s block. Motivated by the protagonists in Arthur’s writings, Dev ‘takes action’ and searches for Arthur’s latest works to satisfy his frantic needs. Dev drives Arthur out to the middle of nowhere, blindfolded and strapped in the backseat of a car, and begins to push him to confess his secrets. As Dev feels Arthur knows more than he should, things start to go wrong.

>Directed and written by Ravi Ghelani, this entertaining and compelling short thriller touches on an array of fascinating contemporary topics, from celebrity worship, toxic fandom, men’s mental health and social divides in class and race in England.

Written and Directed by Ravi Ghelani
Starring:Manpreet Bachu, Tom Hendryk, Trevor Sellers

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