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Detour (1945)


Watch Classic Movie Detour about a piano player who follows his girlfriend from New York to Hollywood. Not having much money, he decides to hitchhike across the country. In Arizona, he gets a ride from a man named Charles Haskell, a gambler and a bookie who happens to been headed to L.A. himself. When Haskell dies of natural causes, Al decides to take his identity. His bigger mistake is giving a ride to another hitchhiker, Vera, a pretty tough cookie who had previously encountered the real Haskell when he gave her a ride. She draws him into a crazy scheme.

Watch Classic movie Detour (1945) – perversely entertaining triumph of Film noir

Edgar Ulmer’s dime store-doom classic casts it’s spell irrespective of showtime, but a good 3am screening will convert almost any detractor, and fortify it’s reputation as one of the sub-genre’s purest distillations – and most perversely entertaining triumphs. The lack of budget helps the story, everything appears dark and grim fitting the tone of the story. Also they had an excellent director (Edgar G. Ulmer) and a great script by Martin Goldsmith. Also Neal was very good as Roberts and Savage is exceptional as Vera (there’s a scene where she explodes at Roberts in a car which is truly scary). It’s also all wrapped up in a tight economical 69 minutes. This has deservedly been a cult movie for many years.

Cast and Crew:

Director: Edgar G. Ulmer
Starring: Tom Neal, Ann Savage, Claudia Drake

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