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Fanmade viking saga -“Trace” (2016)

An award winning short film set in the viking age

It tells the story of Baldr, an explorer who has seen distant civilizations at the world´s edge. From them he brings knowledge that can help his people make a better future. Now he must escape Gorm and his vicious clan, who seek to destroy all that can challenge their way of life.

The story carries themes like knowledge transfer, cultural heritage, and the vulnerability these have in turbulent times.

Passionate fanfilm

This movie is the first to exclusively use genuine viking language (Old Norse), and it is shot at historical viking sites in Norway.

The dialogue was created with the help of a professor in Old Norse and Scandinavian Languages at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology. TRACE is an independent production with limited funding. It was made with lots of hard work, thorough research and a lifelong passion for viking history.

Written, directed, edited and produced by: Markus Dahlslett

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