Xuan Zang

2016 | Adventure | Feature | More info on IMDb

Spiritual Indo-Chinese Masterpiece produced by Wong Kar Wai!

Xuan Zang was a Chinese Buddhist monk who was born during the Tang dynasty, and eventually travelled to India over deserts and mountains. The story depicts the 17 years long legendary seventh century spiritual journey of Buddhist monk Xuan Zang (Hsüan-tsang), who dissatisfied with the translations of Buddhist texts available in china and wanted to collect originals from Nalanda, from China to India during the Tang dynasty and whose famous journey served as an inspiration for Chinese fantasy classic "Journey to The West".

Eyes are not enough to see the splendor of this masterpiece. Those picturesque and unseen Chinese landscapes are breath-taking. This lavish and high budget spiritual adventure epic is memorable and rare kind. A film must not miss.
Imagery, music, and quest are all seamlessly synthesised to produce an immersive experience.

Chinese entry for the Best Foreign Language Film (at the 89th Academy Awards)

This is a stunning movie that provides a much needed historical and cultural bridge between China and India via Buddhism. A lovely synopsis of Xuanzang's quest for Mahayana Buddhist scriptures and its source (or as close to it as he could get). It is entertaining as a movie and we can all identify with the pursuit of an arduous quest. They have done a comendable job with a convincing script, acting, and gorgeous and sometimes authentic scenery from both a Chinese and Indian perspective.

Written and Directed by: Jianqi Huo Executive producer Wong Kar Wai Starring Xiaoming Huang, Zheng Xu, Purba Rgyal

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