They Call Me Trinity

1970 | Adventure | Western

The greatest western comedy film ever made!

The movie concerns Trinity (Terence Hill or Mario Girotti), a roguish and sympathetic gunman with fast weapon who works as a bounty hunter. His brother Bambino (Bud Spencer) is a sheriff in a village but also an undercover thief who attempts to execute a heist. They'll face off a rich owner (Farley Granger) and some Mexican marauders who try to evict a group of Mormons .

Action! Laughs! Beans! Filth! Flies! Sweat!

This spaghetti western movie packs comedy, action, shootouts and lots of brawls and fights.

Written and Directed by: Enzo Barboni
Starring: Terence Hill, Bud Spencer, Steffen Zacharias

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