Mega Crocodile

2019 | Adventure | Horror | Feature | More info on IMDb

Shipwreck survivors wash ashore an island infested with oversized crocodiles!

Mega Crocodile is another CGI driven monster movie. Unfortunately, the effects here are all bad. The crocodiles actually look like somebody animated those rubber ones you get at the dollar store. The man-eating plants are positively cartoonish. It looks like something you would have seen om basic cable around the turn of the millennium.

Mega Crocodile is actually entertaining in an odd sort of way. With subtitles that are stilted and full of typos, it’s one of those films that’s just so messed up that it’s fun. Mega Crocodile was produced by Youku, which seems to be a cross between Netflix and YouTube. And they’ve put it up for free on their YouTube channel.

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Directed by Lin Lisheng Starring: Barbie Shu Guo Tao Lam Suet Shi Zhaoqi Xiong Xinxin

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