Prospect (2014)

Tense, dramatic and emotional coming-of-age story!

Father and daughter scavenge for precious materials through alien jungle on a dangerous planet. Tense and atmospheric, perfectly demonstrates how ingenuity and a do-it-yourself mentality remain the most essential tools in any filmmaker’s arsenal, no matter how much technology, or budget is available. The overall story behind Prospect is one of old-fashioned filmmaking. Yet it’s modern advances that have allowed that luxury on such a small budget.

Prospect (2014) is a do-it-yourself indi film that takes place in a richly designed sci-fi world, full of gonzo weapons, clunky spaceships, and lived-in locales but focuses largely on three primary characters.

Directed by: Christopher Caldwell, Zeek Earl
Screenplay: Christopher Caldwell
Starring: Callie Harlow, Tony Doupe and Thomas Castle