Gogs – The Complete Collection (1995)

Grungy, in-your-face claymation comedy about a family of cavemen in prehistorical times!

Gogs is a Welsh claymation-style animated television series in the form of a sitcom! Enjoy prehistorik ancestor as they struggle to survive in a dangerous world. In the Welsh language, the term ‘Gogs’ is slang for ‘Gogledd’ which translates as ‘North’ and ‘gogs’ as ‘Northerners’. People tend to recall Walace and Grommit once asked about there favourite claymation cartoon. Although the latter has of course a unique quality of it’s own it would be just unfair to simply skip “Gogs”. The story’s are brilliantly simple. It’s the use of time and sound that make it so catchy. I will never forget the scene in witch the entire prehistoric and pre-brain family tries to drag a giant (sleeping) bear out of there house (cave). The stupid faces of the characters, the sound of the bears nails on the stone ground and the look of total bewilderment on a passing bird are hilarious.

Bodily fluids, slapstick violence, toilet humour and dinosaurs. Gogs iss simply brilliant.

>10 minute episodes each containing two short stories, shown at odd times as fillers on BBC television in the early 90s. I never get tired of watching Gogs, and it still makes me laugh – the clay figures lend themselves wonderfully to cartoon violence and exaggerated expressions.

The timing is excellent, expressions brilliant, scenarios stupidly funny!

Production: Aaargh! Animation, Harlech Television and Bumper Films

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