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Float (2019) – Pixar’s Story of autistic children

Amazing story and a tear jerker! Pixar did it again!

PG | 7min | Animation, Short, Family | 2019 (USA)
A father discovers that his son is different from other kids in the most unusual way. To keep them both safe from judgement, Dad covers him and keeps him out of sight.

Spot-on story of autism

Speaking as a parent to two autistic children, this film has been excellently made. I don’t think everyone will ‘get it’ but certainly every parent who has a child with additional needs will. This is such a well put together film, (short film too at less than 6 minutes) that tells one of the most poignant, moving and spot-on stories of autism that I’ve ever seen.

Writer and Director: Bobby Rubio
Starring: Eli Fucile, Bobby Rubio, Luna Watson

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