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Cad Bane (2022)

Star Wars fanfilm done by very creative family!

Unique all-in-the-family fanfilm. This amazing Star Wars fanfilm was made by a very creative family. Editing, visual effects and all other movie magic was done by Kip. Costumes and masks were made by Kip’s wife Laura. All roles of Jawa tribe and Stormtroopers were played by their awesome kids. A must watch!!

Cad Bane in live action was something Star Wars had never done! Now, this family is fixing that wrong!

Yes, this is all live action. We did some set extensions on the spaceship interior, and we enhanced Bane’s eyes in places where they were too dark. No CGI or post tricks were used to make the face move. That Cad Bane is really there, prosthetic makeup and all. Todo is CG. Thanks for the positive reception!

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