Dreamcatcher (2022)

The Twilight zone, 1984, and The Clockwork Orange, all in a delicious mystery film!

In not too distant future, American crime is at an all-time high and murders are rapidly growing. Forced to take ruthless action, the government develops an experimental and highly controversial interrogation tactic: a drug that induces the suspect into a dream-like state of psychosis, forcing them to face the guilt of their actions to the point of confession. Cora is forced to face the guilt of her actions through an experimental interrogation tactic.

The Clockwork Orange ending was a nice homage to a great film.

Chris Phelps is a filmmaker based out of Versailles, Kentucky. He is currently a creative director and Head of Post-Production at Eppic Films in Winchester, Kentucky. While he has written and directed in the past, his main craft is editing and score composing. official page

Written and Directed by Chris Phelps
Starring Christa Joy Lain, Lucas Ross, Carol Anderson