Adam: The Prophet (2017)

Post-apocalyptic survivors versus Cyborg!

plot: The story takes place in a post-apocalyptic world in which a newborn cyborg named Adam (a human whose mind has been wiped and put in a robot) is banished from a walled city with a group of his fellow cyborg prisoners and finds himself in an outpost of refugees. (This was chronicled in The Mirror, in which he is offered clues as to who and what he was before.) He eventually comes across an antagonistic tribe of human survivors in the third installment.

ADAM: The Prophet is the third installment of the ADAM franchise, giving viewers their first glimpse of one of the villains in the ADAM universe. It comes after ADAM: The Mirror, which follows the cyborg hero discovering a clue about what and who he is. The series originated with ADAM, an award-winning short film, originally created to demonstrate technical innovations on Unity. ADAM: The Prophet is the next short film in the visually stunning series, created and produced by Academy Award-nominated director Neill Blomkamp’s OATS Studios using Unity 2017.

Written and Directed by Neill Blomkamp
Starring Michael J Rogers, Carly Pope, Coulton Jackson

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