Adam: The Mirror

2017 | Science Fiction | Short Film | More info on IMDb

Disturbing vision of the future on Earth!

plot: Demented amnesiac searches for clues and info about his own identity.

ADAM: The Mirror is a follow-up to the original ADAM, which was released in 2016 as a short film to demonstrate technical innovations on the game engine Unity. The Mirror was made in real-time using Unity 2017. Blomkamp produced the short via his OATS Studios, through which he produced, directed, and released a series of live-action short films earlier this year. The goal of OATS Studios was to test out concepts for potential feature films and see which stories audiences responded to.

“Ever since I started making films I’ve dreamed of a virtual sandbox that would let me build, shoot and edit photorealistic worlds all in one place. Today that dream came true thanks to the power of Unity 2017,” said Neill Blomkamp, Founder OATS Studios. “The fact that we could achieve near photorealistic visuals at half of average time of our production cycles is astounding. The future is here and I can’t wait to see what our fans think.”

Directed by Neill Blomkamp Written by Veselin Efremov, Neill Blomkamp Starring Jason Cope, Ken Lawson, Coulton Jackson

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